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Welcome to your Best Skin!


Our speciality is skin, and it’s all about your skin!  Whether you wish to relax and be pampered, or you have specific skin concerns, your experienced and skilled therapist will evaluate your skin and prescribe the best treatment solution for your individual needs.


We know it can be confusing to know where to start, whether you are new to skin treatments and professional products, or you are a seasoned facialista, we want to make it easy for you to "just get started".


160    Vitality Skin Discovery & Facial

We love to introduce our new clients to great skin care that goes beyond the hype and superficial marketing. 

As experienced and educated skin therapists, we take the health of your skin very seriously, which is why we've developed the 'Vitality Skin Discovery & Facial' specifically for our new Vitality Beauty Bar guests. 

This experience will immediately restore a clarity and smoothness to your skin that you haven't seen in a long time.  But more than that, we'll act as your skin coach, guiding you to correct, strengthen and maintain the youthfulness of your skin.


Your 'Vitality Skin Discovery & Facial'  with us will include:

  • A detailed consultation using our advanced OBSERV diagnostic device to look deeply under the surface of your skin to determine the best customised treatment suited to your skin.  Discussion and education about your skin, and how we can work together to reach your goals.
  • A bespoke facial treatment tailored for your skin on that day,
  • A homecare recommendation and treatment plan to guide you to your goals
  • Please allow approximately 1 1/2 hours for us to work with you to discover your healthiest skin.

$160 (normally valued at $260)

Please look out for your Skin Consultation Form that will arrive via SMS for you to complete prior to arriving for your appointment.

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75     OBSERV Skin Evaluation & Prescription - making the invisible visible

This stand-alone service includes a complimentary LED treatment.

Accurate skin evaluation is the foundation upon which the success of your home care and treatment prescription depends. The OBSERV Skin Diagnostic Device allows you to look deep into your skin and see the changes that aren’t yet visible on the surface.  Based on your skin report and your desired skin outcomes, your therapist can detail your correct skin journey.  You will be prescribed a personalised home care and treatment plan, whilst you relax under the therapeutice light of the LED.

The Observ equipment takes 5 photos at different wavelengths, florescence and polarisation allowing you a unique look into your skin. 5 superbly accurate photos showing in detail the skins texture, pigmentation, hydration, oil flow, capillary changes and collagen loss, normally hidden from the naked eye.

For optimal results you need to understand that 70% of your skins improvement is going to come from your prescribed home care.  

Please look out for your Skin Consultation Form that will arrive via SMS for you to complete prior to arriving for your appointment.


Please also bring to your appointment:

  • A list of all your current skin care products.
  • All brands of all perfumes, hair spray, hair gel and shampoo. 
  • All brands of all make-up. 
  • A list of all medications, vitamin, mineral, herbal supplements and reason for taking them.  


Important instructions: In order to receive maximum benefit from the Advanced Skin Analysis technology, please to arrive for your appointment without performing any morning routine.  This means, no washing/cleansing, no moisturizers, sunscreens, makeup or anything at all on the skin.