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Hair Removal 

Sugaring hair removal is one of the most progressive and comfortable ways to remove unwanted body hair.

Here at Vitality, we have been pioneering this natural alternative in Australia for over 10 years and our experts are fully trained and experienced in providing the safest and most effective sugaring treatments.

Using a combination of sugar, water and lemon juice our 100% natural ingredients, dissolve in water and create no cross-contamination risks.  You can trust us to take care of your skin, whilst ensuring every inch of unwanted hair is eliminated from head to toe!

We avoid all sticky wax, drips, strips, paper or spatulas and guarantee professional privacy, cleanliness and comfort when undergoing our sugaring services.


  Professional Sugaring Waxing and Other Methods of hair removal
Hair isn't broken from the root Yes Definately Not
Hair removed in natural direction of growth Yes Definately Not
Hair removed in as little as 1.5mm Yes Definately Not
Removal discomfort is significantly reduced Yes Definately Not
'Ingrowns' are virtually eliminated Yes Definately Not
100% eco friendly Yes Definately Not
100% bacteria free and no cross contamination Yes Definately Not
100% free from artificial colours & fragrances Yes Definately Not
Won't burn or sensitise skin Yes Definately Not
Won't cause unnecessary skin cell removal Yes Definately Not
Safe on dry, itchy psoriasis or eczema skin Yes Definately Not
Penetrates to lift and remove debris - unclogs pores Yes Definately Not
Leaves no sticky residue Yes Definately Not
Water soluble - no chemicals required for clean up Yes Definately Not



Why do we use it over any other form of hair removal…Why wouldn’t you?



Facial Sugaring Mud Puddle Treatment Add-on from $30 Face 

We can offer you a Hungarian Mud Puddle Wellness Mud Mask following your Facial Sugaring to detoxify, soothe and calm your skin.  Mud Puddle helps to calm disturbances sometimes caused from thorough extraction of fine hair.  Products will be recommended for home care for those with histamine responses in the skin.

Home Care

There are very few who will get away with no home care.  Hair removal is only the first step in creating beautiful skin.  Proper home care will help to ensure a better experience for you.  It is vital to exfoliate, hydrate and detox your skin on a regular basis in-between treatments.  When your skin is in the best condition possible, hair is extracted more easily and can grow back properly without causing in-growns.  Your therapist will discuss with you in detail our Full Circle of Skin Conditional Program to help you achieve your desired results.  We promise your skin will look better than it’s ever looked before!


Prior to your sugaring appointment, please do not shave or do any other method of hair removal less than 5 days prior to your treatment. 


Please do not apply any products on your skin on the day to area to be sugared. 


Avoid sun tanning or exercising prior to your treatment as this can heat up your skin and cause irritation.


We ask you avoid sun tanning, exercising, pools and spas, perfumed products and deodorants post treatment for 24 hours.



Bikini Lines – What am I signed up for?



Classic Bikini - Common for first-timers and ladies who love freshening up on a regular basis.  A basic bikini sugar eradicates any hair attempting to peek out of the panty line and may extend down onto the thigh.  


Bikini Plus  - This is an expertly crafted triangle – for those looking for something in between a basic bikini and a LA Bikini.  This is a classic bikini extending roughly 4-5cm into the underwear line and top of bikini.  Just let your sugaring expert know how much you want removed, in advance.


LA Bikini – Brazilian style bikini.  Every bit of hair is removed during a LA Bikini sugar: hair on the front, back, sides, and everything in-between. If you want to leave a little hair in front, let your sugaring expert know in advance. For a first timer, we’ll apply our anti-inflammatory and detoxifying mud mask to calm and soothe. And if you’re an experienced LA’er then of course it will be quicker, easier and less costly.




Electrolysis is a safe way to permanently remove any colour unwanted hair from the face & body.  We have over 25 years experience in providing electrolysis and diathermy.


Initial Consultation & 5 min Treatment        $40
Up to 10mins       $45  
Up to 15mins     $56
Up to 20mins $65
Up to 30mins   $80
Touch up 5 mins for those on a program only $40




Remove unwanted skin tags and red veins around your nose, cheeks, face and chest instantly with our specialised diathermy technology. Diathermy is a fast and effective way of removing vascular capillaries.  This treatment is relatively painless, safe and offers instant results.


Up to 10 mins $40 
Up to 20mins $50