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Our speciality is skin.  It’s all about your skin!  Whether you wish to relax and be pampered, or you have specific skin concerns, your experienced and skilled therapist will evaluate your skin and prescribe the best treatment solution for your individual needs.


These treatments make the perfect gift...

139     Vitality Luxe Ritual

A beautiful introductory or maintenance treatment.  Enjoy Vitality’s signature journey as we work magic on your skin and restore a peaceful mind.  This is a treatment for those who want it all; “100% hands on”.  A customised treatment skin to combat premature ageing and promote skin radiance.  Be spoilt indulging in glorious massage. This fountain of hydration will leave your skin super plump, even in tone, and glowing with good health.

155     Made to Measure Facial                          

After a detailed consultation, your skin concerns are targeted with a unique combination of treatment peels to gently reset your skin’s function.  A personalised mask is then expertly blended and applied to infuse essential nutrients.  Your custom mask is then gifted to you to take home so you can maintain your glow at home.


110     Youth Refresh Facial

Teenagers need a skin care program that is simple and achievable.  Purification and healing are the cornerstones of this treatment.  A consultative approach is used to educate on the importance of correct skin care.  This treatment may include, extractions and high frequency for healing.


Where to Begin? Start here…


69        OBERV Skin Evaluation & Prescription

Accurate skin evaluation is the foundation upon which the success of your home care and treatment prescription depends. The OBSERV Skin Diagnostic Device allows you to look deep into your skin and see the changes that aren’t yet visible on the surface.  Based on your skin report and your desired skin outcomes, your therapist can detail your correct skin journey.  You will be prescribed a personalised home care and treatment plan. This consultation is complimentary with your initial Advanced Skin Care Treatment and repeated as necessary during your skin journey.  Or as a stand-alone service it is redeemable for product purchased on the day of consultation.


The Observ equipment takes 5 photos at different wavelengths, florescence and polarisation allowing you a unique look into your skin. 5 superbly accurate photos showing in detail the skins texture, pigmentation, hydration, oil flow, capillary changes and collagen loss, normally hidden from the naked eye.


This enables us to tailor a results driven program just for you. Leaving you with youthful, healthy, beautiful skin.  Your skin therapist will then develop a personalised skin prescription of treatments and home care products, based on your skin report and your desired skin outcomes.  For optimal results you need to understand that 60% of your skins improvement is going to come from your prescribed home care.


Important instructions: In order to receive maximum benefit from the Advanced Skin Analysis technology, please to arrive for your appointment without performing any morning routine.  This means, no washing/cleansing, no moisturizers, sunscreens, makeup or anything at all on the skin. 


Please also bring to your appointment:

  • All your current skin care products.
  • All brands of all perfumes, hair spray, hair gel and shampoo. 
  • All brands of all make-up. 
  • All medications and reason for the medications.  
  • All vitamins and supplements and reason for the vitamins and supplements.






These treatments work with medical efficacy through a non-invasive process of micro-activation to ‘wake up’ the natural processes within the skin and restoring optimal skin health – all without downtime, pain or skin irritation. 


175     Vitality Medi-Lift

Peeling, poly-abrasion, micro-activation serum delivery, targeted wrinkle infusion.

An intensive, high performance 3-in-1 treatment.  The Medi-lift Treatment offers revitalization, re-contouring and regeneration. This high-performance treatment will leave your skin feeling fresh, firm and well hydrated.  Suitable for all skin types - men and women.  For corrective results - 6 treatments $900


160     Vitality Medi-Active

Peel, Poly Abrasion, Technology Leveraged Serum Delivery

Targeted and highly effective treatment for skin with hyperpigmentation, sun damage, uneven skin tone, oily, congested or problematic skin conditions.  Re-educate your skin with deep delivery of peptides and actives infused using our specialised micro-activation system.


135     Vitality Illuminator

Enzyme Therapy, Peeling, Poly Abrasion

A gentle, yet highly effective polishing treatment to successfully re-texturise, refine and brighten a dull, lifeless skin.  A perfect treatment as an anytime pick me up.


135     Vitality Healer

A skin strengthening treatment to correct a compromised, sensitised skin with reduced barrier function.  Concluding with LED light therapy & a unique WOW mask and targeted serum, your skin is boosted onto the path of repair and recovery.


470     Double the Power


2 treatments over 6 weeks | 2 modalities & DIS Booster


Skinfaktor’s patented Dermal Infusion Spray, full of targeted peptides is delivered deep into the skin, like never before.  These DIS are used to target specific concerns, working to correct the cause.  LED light energises your skin, ready for the most advanced, non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment, using Nobel Prize research from 2003 and 2009.  A gentle wave of energy will infuse our patented spray into the dermal layer with no heat or tissue stress.   Cellular communication is increased, and optimal nutrient levels restored.  Your skin can now carry out instructions optimally- like a very young skin.  Further treatments $190 each




A pain free treatment to energise skin between treatments, or to add enhancement to your favourite facial treatment. This therapy harnesses the energy of light to correct the root cause of all skin issues: underdeveloped, underperforming, unhealthy cells.  Our powerful LED uses seven spectrums of light to restore youth to ageing skin, encourage rejuvenation, calm and desensitise, treat red capillaries and blemishes, as well as reduce acne and oily skin.     


49        LED Enhancement Add to any of our facial treatments


520      LED Intensive Power Plan 8 Sessions


A course of 8, twice weekly treatments is recommended. A power plan partnered with a Vitality skin care programme will maximise results.