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Advanced Rejuvenation




Whether you wish to relax and be pampered, or you have specific skin concerns, we will evaluate your skin and prescribe the best treatment solution for your individual needs. Advanced facials are performed in our treatment rooms.


30 min | 60            OBSERV Skin Evaluation & Prescription

Accurate skin analysis is the foundation that the success of your home care and treatment prescription depends. The OBSERV skin scanner allows you to look into and photograph your skin, see the changes that aren’t yet visible on the surface and see how well your products are working. Based on your skin report and your desired skin outcomes your therapist can detail your correct skin journey. This consultation is complimentary with your initial Advanced Facial treatment and repeated as necessary during your skin journey.


The Observ equipment takes 5 photos at different wavelengths, florescence and polarisation allowing you a unique look into your skin. 5 superbly accurate photos showing in detail the skins texture, pigmentation, hydration, oil flow, capillary changes and collagen loss, normally hidden from the naked eye.


This enables us to tailor a results driven program just for you. Leaving you with youthful, healthy, beautiful skin.  Your skin therapist will then develop a personalised skin prescription of treatments and home care products, based on your skin report and your desired skin outcomes.  For optimal results you need to understand that 60% of your skins improvement is going to come from your prescribed home care.


Important instructions: In order to receive maximum benefit from the Advanced Skin Analysis technology, please to arrive for your appointment without performing any morning routine.  This means, no washing/cleansing, no moisturizers, sunscreens, makeup or anything at all on the skin. 

Please also bring to your appointment:

  • All your current skin care products.
  • All brands of all perfumes, hair spray, hair gel and shampoo. 
  • All brands of all make-up. 
  • All medications and reason for the medications.  
  • All vitamins and supplements and reason for the vitamins and supplements.


Skin Juice

105         Plumberry Nutra Peel Facial

This gentle peel is designed to exfoliate, brighten, hydrate and strengthen sensitive skin.   Unveil smooth skin while an infusion of antioxidant rich plums and berries hydrate and quench your skin’s thirst.


115        Instant Glow Pumpkin Peel Facial

This is an instant glow facial. Within an hour you will have rejuvenated, brighter and younger looking skin.


145        Juice Immersion Facial

Enjoy Skin Juice’s signature aromatic journey as we balance the body to restore a peaceful mind. We only use freshly picked natural and organic spreads, balms and creams to intensely nourish, nurture and protect your face, whilst indulging in lots of glorious massage. Be completely spoilt!






Skinfaktor by Dermia Solution

145            The Classic - the works

Not your average facial, 'The Classic' offers both skin results and relaxation, for those who want it all, 100% hands on.  A customised treatment using a combination of actives massaged into your skin to combat premature ageing and promote skin renewal. Your skin will be re-texturised, hydrated, even in tone, and glowing with good health.


110           The Refiner - Enzyme Therapy, Peeling, Poly Abrasion

A gentle, yet highly effective polishing treatment to successfully re-texturise, refine and brighten a dull lifeless skin.  Perfect for those with a busy lifestyle, this express treatment includes a gentle peel in combination with the very latest and innovative controlled poly-abrasion technique available.  Perfect for a lunchtime pick me up.


155           The Brightener - Peeling, Poly Abrasion, Technology Leveraged Serum Delivery

Designed for skin with hyperpigmentation, sun damage or uneven skin tone, The Brightener uses advanced peptides and tyrosinase inhibitors to rehabilitate and normalise pigmentation processes, whilst promoting a bright and radiant complexion.


155           The Purifier - Peeling, Poly Abrasion, Technology Leveraged Serum Delivery

Highly effective treatment for oily, congested and problematic skin conditions combining a synergistic blend of actives to break through excessive oil flow, kill acne bacteria and inhibit re-infection, exfoliate and purify. Peptides enhance the cellular network and promote healing. Your skin will feel ‘clean’, refined and calm.


170             The Signature Medi-Lift

For superior results, a course of treatments is recommended

An Intensive, high performance 3-in-1 treatment where the skin is prepped and softened with a gentle, yet active complex of fruit acids before being micro-polished using a patented Polyabrasion technique to refine and re-texturise. Concluding with a world first, Micro activation process and targeted wrinkle infusion. The Medilift Signature Treatment offers revitalization, recontouring and regeneration. A high performance mask will intensify your treatment and leave your skin feeling fresh, tight and well hydrated.  Suitable for all skin types - men and women.


Lira Clinical - Smart Skin Systems

Lira clinical is a professional line of cosmeceutical products and clinical treatments created exclusively for physicians and licensed professionals. Lira Clinical's Professional Peels and Solutions are built upon the belief that corrective skin care should be tailored to individual needs and all skin types.  Lira's products feature the most advanced technology in peeling modalities, lightening agents, plant stem cells, polypeptides and healing minerals.  Lira Clinicial products are customisable to help you reach your ultimate skin care goals.


Age Perfect Program:

While we are more content than ever with owning our age, we also want our skin to look as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Fine lines and wrinkles, poorer skin tone and elasticity, an uneven skin texture and a dull complexion are some of the signs that need addressing to have skin looking its best as we age. This program will restore skin function and prevent further skin damage.   Celebrate aging well with radiant glowing skin.


Treatments in program range from $129 - $220


I Clear and Exfoliate (ICE) Acne Program

Our ICE acne program is designed to reduce inflammation, calm active lesions and balance oil production. Carefully selected treatment modalities and homecare work together to clear, heal and revive skin.


Treatments in this program range from $129 – $220


Diminish Pigmentation Program

Reveal brightness and clarity with our advanced complex of skin brightening ingredients, these include, melanin suppressants, tyrosinase inhibitors and plant stem cells for cell protection and repair. This program will visibly improve the appearance of dark spots, freckles , age spots and melasma.


Treatments in this program range from $149 – $220


Healing Sensitive and Rosecea Program:

Our professional treatments are infused with botanicals, minerals and plant stem cells to repair skin immunity and reduce inflammation. This program is based on repairing cell health and barrier function for skin harmony, clarity and luminous results.


Treatments in this program range from $129 – $220.



Additional Modalities


90         LED Light Therapy (add to any other facial treatment $45)                    

This therapy harnesses the energy of light through the unique Protocols to correct the root cause of all skin issues: underdeveloped, underperforming, unhealthy cells.  Our powerful LED uses seven spectrums of light to restore youth to ageing skin, encourages rejuvenation, calms and desensitizes, treats red capillaries and blemishes as well as reduce acne and oily skin. Used with the Professional Only prescribed serums, both as an add-on to other treatments and as its own unique therapy, the results are taken to the next level by this equipment.   Outstanding results will come from a course of treatments


190               Dermal Infusion Electroporation   (80 added to any other facial treatment)    

The most advanced, non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment, using scientific Nobel Prize research from 2003 and 2009.  A gentle wave of energy can infuse up to 10 times the patented serums in one treatment into the dermal layer of your skin with no heat or tissue stress!   Uniquely designed Dermal Infusion Sprays provide powerful corrective, protective and nourishing ingredients deep into the skin to make you look younger for longer by correcting years of unhealthy skin habits.


Conditions that respond to Dermal Infusion Treatments.

  • Hyperpigmentation/lightening
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Expression line reduction
  • Contour/facial flaccidity
  • Pre and Post plastic surgical optimization
  • Anti-aging telomerase activation